Contractor Portal FAQs

Using the NFRC CPS Contractor Portal

Why do I need to select one of NFRC CPS chosen insurance providers?

NFRC CPS manage all data relating to insurance products to ensure the property owner is provided with the correct policies to cover the work involved. To manage this, we require a direct data feed between the provider and NFRC CPS and therefore require a legal agreement with each provider to do so. Without this agreement in place we cannot guarantee the correct insurance policies are in place.

Why is there a limited number of providers?

We have agreements in place with the most popular providers of IBG's and deposit insurance currently used by our Contractors and are actively increasing this list to ensure that the best products on the market are available for you.

Why can’t I edit works?

Currently after works have been submitted, Contractors cannot go on and edit works. You will need to contact to edit the details for any works. Changes to works, such as start dates, type, values, property owner, etc need to be approved by NFRC CPS to ensure the works remain within the scheme regulations and also to ensure that any linked activities such as inspections are still valid.

How can I change passwords?

Click on the 'forgotten password' option and a link to enable a password change will be emailed directly to  the primary contact listed in the system. Please note this email will time out within 24 hours.

Please check your junk/spam mail folder if you do not receive the email. If you need a reminder of who your main contact is please email

How do I add a new user?

You will need administration rights to add a new user to the portal. If you have admin rights,  log into the portal. Once logged you can add new users. The initial primary contact created will be an admin, this primary contact can select permissions for the new user.

Should I enter the works value inclusive of VAT?

The works value should be stated excluding VAT. The final value should be the value of the works at completion excluding VAT. This amount appears on the Insurance policy.

With the option for “Site Contacts“ what if I don’t know who will be on site for the job?

If you do not have details of who will be on site at the job, you can enter the name of the person uploading the works details on the portal. This info can then be amended at a later date by contacting  if required.

What is the site address?

The site address is where the works are being carried out.

What is the property owner’s address?

This is the address of the person or entity (ie a management company/local authority) who own the property. This may differ from the site address and should refer to an address where you require the BRCC to be sent.

Can I enter a whole block of flats onto one works entry?

No, each dwelling requires an individual BRCC so you will need to list each dwelling as a separate works.

What is a UPRN?

Unique Property Reference Number. This number will give you the exact location of a specific property. Please note that a postcode can cover multiple properties.

What if I don’t have the property owner's email address?

Enter our email and we can print and post the BRCC to the property owner.

What is the amount staged?

On occasions some larger works might take staged payments, due to size of the works or due to materials. This approach reduces risk to the company.

How do I get deposit insurance?

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic some insurers froze their accounts and would no longer offer Deposit Insurance, however, we have one provider who can issue deposit insurance policies.  You can chose this provider by selecting from the dropdown menu.

Why is the number of storeys important?

This is a requirement by insurance providers related to risk.

How do I duplicate works?

Add an initial works. Once this is complete,  at the bottom of the page click on ‘duplicate’ and enter the amount of properties needing a BRCC. Next, click on 'save' then edit the first line of the address and postal code if different. Repeat this process until the duplicate works count states Zero.

Why can’t I see the drop down menus?

Occasionally some browsers exhibit formatting issues. Please check the browser is the latest version—Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge are recommended.

Why can’t I input information into some of the fields?

Occasionally some browsers exhibit formatting issues. Please check the browser is the latest version—Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge are recommended.

What do I do if the works have been postponed?

You will need to contact to edit the works in the portal.

What is the pricing structure?

Applicable fees are detailed at

What do I do if the works are over £50,000?

All works over £50,000 require a Specification Inspection, in some cases more than one inspection may be required.

Why has my account been suspended?

Your account can be put 'In-Review' for several reasons—most common reasons may be non-payment of fees, a technical "non-compliance" or you have not chosen an IBG provider.

Please contact NFRC CPS who will help you resolve these issues.

What is 'exempt works'?

You may have a requirement to register the works for inspection or just for your own records, but do not require a BRCC due to the works being out of scope or being authorised by the LABC. Please be aware that No IBG policy will be issued if the works are exempt.