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Established in 2006 NFRC’s UKAS accredited Competent Person Scheme (CPS) is the only dedicated competent person scheme for the roofing sector in England and Wales.

The government’s CPS framework allows roofing contractors to self-certify that their work complies with Building Regulations. This saves clients time and money, as they would otherwise have to arrange a Building Control inspection to get the work approved.

Hundreds of contractors are approved under our Roofing Competent Person Scheme, self-certifying around 19,000 projects each year.

Registered Contractors

If you are already a registered contractor in NFRC CPS, login to the Contractor Portal.


  • Ability to self-certify your work
  • Your own member’s portal to manage all your roofing works and administration 
  • A Building Regulations Compliance Certificate (BRCC) is automatically sent to your client (multiple certificates for flats managed by Management Companies). BRCC’s issued through NFRC CPS are a fraction of the cost compared to Building Control.
  • A 10-year Insurance Backed Guarantee, provided by an insurance provider of your choice, for all job notifications under £50,000 (domestic, commercial and industrial)*
  • Your company profile on the NFRC CPS website
  • Use of the NFRC CPS logo
  • Free access to Health & Safety guidance
  • Direct support from technical experts
  • Regular updates on industry news and changes to Building Regulations and Standards
  • Direct access to our Support team to assist you when registering or signing off works 
NFRC RoofCert Roofing Accreditation logo

The regulatory landscape

NFRC CPS allows registered contractors to self-certify domestic, industrial and commercial work that comes under the relevant Building Regulations 2010 Approved Documents.

This obliges a refurbishment of more than 50 per cent of a roof to meet mandatory energy-efficiency standards (repairs are not subject to this rule).

Compliance with the necessary standards must be confirmed by a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate (BRCC), to be issued within 30 days of the project’s completion.

If the work falls short of the standards, then Building Control can force the property owner to rectify it by serving an enforcement notice.

Vetting and inspection

Registering for the NFRC CPS involves a thorough vetting process.

Contractors on the scheme also undergo strict inspections. We evaluate a proportion of the work they do under the relevant Building Regulations and industry standards each year, for each of their roofing disciplines. The proportion increases if a contractor fails an inspection.

The scheme itself is also closely monitored by UKAS, the government’s accreditation auditing service. UKAS requires us to follow rigorous policies and procedures while operating the scheme. NFRC CPS must also provide government with a detailed report on the performance of the Competent Person Scheme twice yearly.

Roof refurbishment ready for inspection of competent person

Advantages all round

By making life easier, and saving on Building Control fees, the NFRC CPS benefits clients, contractors and specifiers alike.

Joining NFRC CPS increases a contractor’s likelihood of winning work by providing their clients with confidence that they have the skills and competency to perform the work to the standards required.

At the same time, the scheme reduces the red tape associated with Building Regulations, including Part L1b. There is a simple online process for registering projects that come under its rules, while the NFRC CPS team deals with much of the paperwork involved.

Contractors also benefit from free technical advice from our experts, notification on changes to building regulations or technical standards, as well as having access to discounted technical guidance bulletins and a dedicated support team to assist with any administrative queries.

If you are already a member of NFRC’s Trade Body you will receive further discounts and a joint inspection process, removing the need to be vetted by both bodies.

Repair or refurbishment of house roof


Self-certification, when 50% or more of the roof is being refurbished, for the following roofing categories:
  • Slating and Tiling and all other pitched works (including Shingles and Shakes).
  • Felt, Single Ply and GRP.
  • Fully supported lead, copper, zinc and standing-seam aluminium.
  • Liquid Applied Waterproofing.
  • Mastic Asphalt (incl. Hot Melt).
  • Reinforced Bitumen Membranes.
  • Sheeting.
  • Provision of roof lights—provided they are only inserted between rafters or on a like-for-like basis.


  • Where less than 50% of the roof is being replaced, as this falls out of the scope of Approved Document L1B
  • Any solar or photovoltaic installation
  • The following areas which fall under the remit of Building Control:
    • Work on trussed rafters.
    • Any structural glazed roof such as atriums.
    • New build work.
    • Structural work, unless like-for-like, e.g. rafters.


FEE (ex VAT)
One-off joining fee Non-NFRC Member £375.00
NFRC Member £295.00
Application inspection fee (per discipline) £201.60
Annual account fee paid annually in advance £228.48 per year
paid monthly £20.94 per month*
Annual inspection fee one discipline £205.63
two disciplines £319.87
three disciplines £445.53
Building Regulations Compliance Certificate (BRCC) fee £14.28
Issuing duplicate BRCC fee £28.00

*equates to £251.29 per year

You can also download the full NFRC CPS fee schedule.

How to join the NFRC Competent Person Scheme for roofing:

Application Stage

Select your preferred insurance provider (for IBG’s) by completing their individual online applications process:-

Complete the NFRC Competent Person Scheme application form
Pay the application fee
Desktop AuditPass a probity check

Upload the following documents:

  • Employers Liability insurance
  • Public Liability insurance
  • Health & Safety policy
  • Complaints procedure
  • Sales contract
  • 10-year workmanship guarantee
  • Direct debit form
  • Sign and return the Contractor’s Declaration (this will be provided once you have completed an on-line application)
Provisional Status GrantedUpload a reportable job
Completing the above steps will give you “provisional status” as an NFRC CPS Contractor and your details will be displayed on our website. To complete the process, NFRC CPS need to successfully complete an office and site audit—that’s why we need a “reportable job”.