Self-certify work

Win new customers

Increasing productivity

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The NFRC Competent Persons Scheme (CPS) is also applicable to specialist roofing contractors who carry out commercial and public roof refurbishment works. Contractors who are registered to the scheme have the benefit of government backing through its sponsorship of Competent Persons Schemes which enable registered contractors to self-certify certain types of building work. This provides clear advantages, in that the Registered Contractor doesn’t have to get Building Control to check its work, and its customers benefit from lower prices as there are no building control fees.

NFRC CPS registered contractors have a dedicated online user-friendly portal for notifying their works and controlling their information. NFRC CPS arrange customer inspections of works and associated audits using this interactive platform.

Making life easier for clients

NFRC CPS’s technical team assess all commercial works on the basis of size and complexity to determine the number of inspections by NFRC CPS’s inspectors. NFRC CPS will notify Building Control on completion of the roofing work. A Building Regulations Compliance Certificate (BRCC) will be sent to the property owner. This gives the property owner peace of mind, saves the contractor time on not having to arrange multiple visits from a Building Control inspector, and ensures the property owner fulfils their legal requirement.

Insurance Back Guarantees provide peace of mind

Commercial projects under £50,000 can be covered by a ten-year Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) protecting the property owner against insolvency of the NFRC CPS Registered Contractor, upon completion and payment of the works. Projects above this value do not mandate the IBG requirement and it is essential that the NFRC CPS Registered Contractor clearly documents this when agreeing a contract with a property owner. The NFRC CPS Registered Contractor can choose an IBG insurance provider from a list of companies as detailed on this website.

Vigorous vetting gives clients confidence

All contractors considering joining the NFRC CPS scheme, must pass a rigorous vetting process which includes a financial check, desktop and office audits, and site inspections. This gives the property owner confidence that when they use a NFRC CPS contractor they will carry out work to a high standard and have been benchmarked against a strict set of criteria.

Demonstrate your professionalism

Being a Registered NFRC CPS Contractor provides clear third-party evidence of professionalism and competence when bidding for any type of roofing works, and places the installer in a very good place for any future changes in regulation such as government policies around building safety and its net-zero targets.